Adoptable Pets:

Adoption Fees:

Unless otherwise stated in their bios, the adoption fees per pet are as follows:

  • Canines: $150
  • Felines: $40

Adoption fees include the pet's shots, spay/neuter, microchip, 30 days pet insurance, and training DVDs.

Fees must be paid at the time of adoption. Due to the costs and time involved, out-of-area adopters must place a non-refundable 50% deposit.

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Coastal Pet Rescue Adoption Application

If you are a renter, we WILL NOT move forward on a meet and greet until proof of your landlord/property owner's pet policies AND proof of any pet deposit fees have been paid. Proof may be emailed to or faxed to us at 912-228-3538.

Street Address* :
City* :
State* :
Zip* :
Home Phone* :
Work Phone:
eMail* :
Date of Birth* :
How you heard about us:
Veterinary Reference (Name or Clinic):
Vet Address:
Vet City:
Vet State:
Vet Zip:
Vet's Phone:
How long have you been using this vet?:
Why do you want to adopt?:
Does everyone in the home want to adopt?:
Agree to provide a home for 15 to 20 years?:
Willing to provide veterinary care annually?:
Agree to provide formal training?* :
Would you ever surrender your adopted pet? Why?:
Which pet do you want to adopt?* :
Had pets in the past?:
What types of pets have you owned?:
How long did you own them?:
Do you still own your pets?:
Ever lost a pet, had it poisoned or hit by a car?:
Are your current pets spayed? If no, why not?:
Any pets live outdoors only? Explain.:
Do you know about heartworms and preventative?:
Do you know about flea preventative?:
How many people in the household?:
Is anyone allergic to pet dander?:
Number and ages of children in the home:
Do you rent or own?*:
Type of home::
Do you have a yard?:
Is the yard fenced? Explain.:
If no fence, how will you exercise your pet?:
How much time will your pet be left alone?:
Where will your pet be when you are not at home?:
How many moves have you made in the last 5 years?:
Will you move somewhere without your adopted pet?:
Are you a military family?:
Where will your pet go at deployment?:
Are you a college student?:
Where will your pet go after graduation?:
Any further comments you'd like to make::

* Satisfactory documented approval by leasing entity/condo association regarding permission to house a pet is required for all adoptions by non-homeowners.


Coastal Pet Rescue, its volunteers, coordinators, and representatives; and any other person, firm or corporation involved with the efforts or business of this group, shall not be held liable or responsible for any and all claims, damages, costs, expenses, loss of services, actions and causes of action incurred as a result of the provision or restriction of information, services, contacts, adoptions, fostering, veterinary care or by the actions of any and all dogs and/or cats transferred or referenced herein.

It should be understood that applications for dog and cat adoptions are subject to acceptance based on a review process that may require collecting information from references. Decisions on placing dogs and cats in adoptive and foster homes is an 'art,' not a 'science' -- there might be times when applications will be denied for various reason(s). Coastal Pet Rescue reserves the right to make all decisions regarding placement or final disposition of any rescued dog or cat in its care whether in, or being placed in, a foster or adoptive home or other facility. There is absolutely no guarantee made or implied that any person, or persons, requesting to adopt a dog or cat being fostered through Coastal Pet Rescue, or posted on Coastal Pet Rescue's website, will be granted an adoption!


Vet references will be checked before an in-home interview is scheduled. If you are out of our area, you will be contacted by a local rescue agent to conduct the in-home interview on our behalf.

By submitting this application, you attest that you have read the above disclaimer and agree to the terms therein and that you are aware and will abide by all local laws regarding pet ownership in your area.

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