Xena: Female Great Dane

Rescued October 11, 2014
Approximate age: Adult
Activity Level: Low
Adult Size: X-Large (75 pounds and over)
Good with:

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Xena is the mom to the litter of Great Danes we rescued at the beginning of this year. She has been running loose for over a year, and Friday night, was finally captured. She is very, very pregnant, and we expect puppies any day now. She is also heartworm positive, so once the pups are weaned, she'll need some medical care of her own.

Xena's Backstory:

A man moved, leaving his Danes behind - two females and a male. Eventually they escaped to live in the nearby woods. They were starving and no longer trusted humans. People were not kind to them, throwing rocks and chasing them with vehicles. One night, there were gun shots. One of the females had given birth to puppies under a house and the neighbor was trying to scare her. It worked, she ran off, leaving the puppies without a mother. The male was never seen again; the other female was captured later and placed in a home. On January 10th, ten puppies (two had not survived) were taken in to Coastal Pet Rescue foster homes to be bottle fed and raised for adoption. Three sadly passed two days later, but seven ultimately went on to find incredibly loving new families.

When CPR accepted the puppies, we promised to accept the mom whenever she was captured. Two incredibly kind-hearted people, Brenda and Wanda, worked tirelessly for months trying to capture her, setting up various traps and kennels and installing wildlife nighttime cameras to track her activities. They put dewormer in food for her, trying to help keep her healthy until we could get her. Finally on Friday night, October 10, she was caught.

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