Klohe - Female American Staffordshire Terrier mix

Rescued November 15, 2016
Approximate age: 6 months old (at time of rescue)
Activity Level: Moderate
Adult Size: Large (50 to 75 pounds)
Good with: Dogs

She is mostly housebroken but needs to go out several times a day still. Playful but easy when playing. Loves to please. Good with dogs, cats, and kids. Would be best in a house with older kids bc she does jump. We are working on it. She is extremely smart. She has already learned sit. Loves chew bones but is not protective of them. Will share. Hates being in the crates and screams whenever she is in it. CCAC has her at 6 months.

Update 2/19/17 Klohe has learned to be in a crate, She has been working on her jumping and only does it when you first come home and she is happy to see you. She is housebroken. Klohe wags her tail all of the time and she wags so hard her whole body wags too. Her coat is so soft and she was such a trooper through her mange treatment. She is easy with all of her doggie friends and loves to play with them. She is still a puppy in many ways, she gets excited when she sees a toy or a toy squeaks and is doing very well learning to walk on a leash. She is perhaps the happiest dog ever.

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