Perry - Male Black and Tan Hound mix

Rescued May 19, 2017
Approximate age: 8 years old (at time of rescue)
Activity Level: Low
Adult Size: Large (50 to 75 pounds)
Special Needs
Good with: Dogs Cats Kids

Perry is a gentle old soul that gets along well with everyone. He loves children, and runs and plays with other dogs. He even gets along with cats!
He loves going for car rides and tolerates baths well.
Like a lot of older gentlemen, Perry has some issues with arthritis and thyroid, and daily meds will continue to be a part of his everyday life.

Special Medical Information:
Vet verdict: He needs to lose about 40 pounds (no surprise there). He did turn out to be heartworm negative (big shock to us). He had horrific ear infections that he got treated today. He has multiple meds, some for pain on his joins, others for his skin. He is neutered. We had senior blood panel done to check for other issues so we won't know those details for about a week. He has to go back June 1 for a full dental (nasty teeth). Teeth are great and is on meds for Low Thyroid.

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