Max 3

Max 3 - Male Brussels Griffin Mix

Rescued December 06, 2017
Approximate age: 2 years old (at time of rescue)
Activity Level: Moderate
Adult Size: Small (10 to 25 pounds)
Good with: Dogs Cats Kids

**Max 3 and Scruffy are a bonded pair and MUST be adopted together.**

Hi I'm Max!
I am the the silliest dog you will ever meet! I'm always a part of the action. All 6.5 lbs of me!Whether it's running in the back yard with my foster siblings, cooking with my foster parents, pulling the covers off of everyone to get started with our day or sitting by the bon fire with my foster mommy. I have a favorite ball that I hide all over the back yard and inside. My foster mommy already said I can take it to my new home! I get along so well with my two foster siblings who are also of the canine kind. I am a cuddle bug who loves to snuggle all night long, till it's play time of course!! I love vegetables, kibbles, and toys I can play tug-o-war with.

Max 3 is 1/2 of a bonded pair. Scruffy and Max 3 must be adopted together. Click here to learn more about Scruffy to see if he also makes your heart flutter.

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Max 3Max 3

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