I’m Pookie the Puppy

We’re all a little broken on the inside. We think our bodies aren’t perfect, our hair doesn’t always lay the way we want it to, or we wish  those scars would just go away. But what if we saw our bodies as nothing more than tools we used to do good? They were just a means to help others, and to assist those who can’t help themselves. 

Dogs see their bodies that way. They don’t wish they could loose a few pounds, they eggarly await  you giving them anther snack. They don’t wish the scars would go away, they see them as healed skin that lets them play and chase. Sometimes their fur is dirty and messy, but guess what? They had fun getting it that way, and don’t care. They just want to lick your face to make you feel better when to cuddle up with you after a hard day. 

Unfortunately not all stories get to start out like that. This is one of our newly rescued puppies named Pookie, and he needs extra love and attention so that he can heal. He hopes to grow up and roll in the dirt too.

He has Demodex which is parasitical mites that live in or near the hair follicles of mammals. It is commonly known as puppy mange. 

His foster mom is giving him aggressive treatment so that he can start to feel better soon. He is being given a high quality diet and (because it is not contagious) he can play with his foster siblings, and rest when he needs to. 

He came to Coastal Pet Rescue from animal control and would not be someone’s first choice. I was so thrilled to be apart of something that is going to have the chance to change his life that I wanted to share his story with you. Everyone wants a fluffy dog that’s playful, and we want him to have that life too. I’m going to share Pookie’s updates until he gets to go home with a loving family that sees what a gem he is.

For now he is a sleepy puppy who wants to be swaddled, loved and held. If you have been touched by Pookie’s story, and would like to help him and other dogs like him please consider donating to coastalpetrescue.org/donate or selecting items from our wishlist. 

If you can not financially donate at this time but would still like to help, you can email Jeniffer@coastalpetrescue.org to set up an orientation.

If you want to help by fostering one of our pets, email Jeniffer@coastalpetrescue to set up a home visit. 

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