Statement on Dog Being Kicked at Benedictine Military School

I keep seeing posts about the poor dog being kicked by a cheerleading coach at the BC gym. I’ve been asked a few times by private message what I’m doing about it.

First, please know that while I run an animal welfare agency, I am not law enforcement. I cannot just go take someone’s pet. For her to lose the dog, charges would have to be filed, animal control would have to confiscate, and a judge would have to terminate rights. I’ve been in the courtroom a number of times over the last 13 years, and only seen that outcome once, and that was even with some of the dogs having physical injuries and extensive vet bills. So my belief this would be the outcome for this dog is very low. However, I did share the information I obtained as well as various screen captures of the wife and husband (ex or whatever he is) with my contact at the DA’s office. I know I’m not the only one to do so, but we just have to wait and let that process run its course.

I thoroughly believe that Benedictine is not complacent in this case, however, it is not a situation that they can simply ignore. Many, many people will be watching to see if and how they address this. I personally have reached out and asked to partner on providing a humane education program for these young men to hopefully instill some compassion and empathy regardless of how they might personally feel about animals. I do not believe for one minute that any of the young men in the video wanted to see that happen, but I also take issue with adults asking why they did nothing. The environment in which they live for their four years expects them to simply follow instructions of those in the authority positions. Given that the coach is also related to the head football coach/athletic director, who is to say any of these young men would not have faced disciplinary action for trying to speak up?

My biggest concern in all this is that, if the information I have is correct, it took four months for this to come to light. The individual in the video has a history of alleged incidents against those in her charge, yet was always allowed to operate in this manner. Perhaps this is the turning point that breaks the cycle, we can only hope.

I’m really proud to see so many speak up in outrage, but I hope you all realize that this is more common in our area than you might believe. Don’t just sit in judgement on a Facebook post, take action – help another pet in need, volunteer and donate to rescues and shelters, and demonstrate to your own children the behavior towards pets that you want them to model. If your kids are home with nothing to do this week, contact me, bring them out to our shelter and let us introduce them to lives that they can change.