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Before You Adopt


January 14, 2014

If you are considering acquiring a pet, ask yourself the following questions:

Does your lease or housing situation legally allow you to keep a pet?

Will someone be home to provide meals for the animal according to a fixed schedule?

Is every member of your household in agreement about acquiring a companion animal?

Does (or will) your own schedule allow ample time to look after the animal, train him appropriately, and consistently provide the loving attention he requires?

If you're considering a puppy or a kitten, are you prepared to spend the time it takes to learn about and apply the appropriate age-specific methods of socializing and training the animal requires before she reaches adolescence?

Will you be able to pay for the food and pet-care supplies the animal will need in maintenance of his well-being?

Are you willing and able to pay for all inoculations, periodic veterinary examinations, and any emergency treatment which the animal will need?

If you're considering a dog, are you willing to exercise her at least twice a day, according to a set schedule?

Are you willing to obey the local community leash, licensing, and poop-scooping laws?

Are you committed to caring for the animal throughout his entire lifetime (which could easily span 15 years)?

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