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Celebrate Coastal Pet Rescue’s 11th Birthday Today!

February 05, 2014

Today’s our 11th birthday, and thanks to you, we have lots of reasons to celebrate!

In 2013, we were able to rescue 101 pets, 75 canines and 26 cats utilizing 40 foster homes and boarding with our local vets. Of those, 28 were from local animal controls (12 from Chatham County, 14 from Effingham County, 1 from Beaufort, 1 from Greenville), 28 were owner surrenders, 41 were abandoned or stray, and 4 were released to us from local vet offices.

For 101 pets, we spent $30,000 on vet care and $3,400 for specialized pet training. With only $9,210 for adoption income, your donations made all the difference!

We sincerely appreciate your support, and look forward to another year of changing lives for homeless pets!

Three Ways to Help Us Celebrate!

1. Make a purchase from our wishlist.

2. Make a donation toward our Animal Care Expo training in May.

3. Give one of our loving pets a new home.

Click here for more ways to make a difference for Coastal Pet Rescue.

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