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Help Us Save Woody

February 25, 2012


Please help us save Woody. Woody is a dog that has faced much adversity. He came to our rescue from Warner Robbins where he and his siblings were picked up as strays. He left his first home because the baby was allergic to him. He was attacked by the neighbor’s two black labs at his second home and now is fearful of other dogs. We found him a new home and he is very loved by his new family. Unfortunately, a new dog moved in next door and a fight ensued. Woody needs a barrier fence built between him and this new dog so that he can safely go outside. Due to the tough economic times, Woody’s family does not have the entire amount required for the fence. Please help us raise this money so that Woody can remain with the family who loves him and who he loves. Help give him a chance. Click here to make a donation.

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