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Coastal Pet Rescue Successful Adoption Story: Brindle (Brenda)

Adopted: March 8, 2004
Rescued: June 23, 2003

Brindle was 1 of 5 dogs left by a family at a local boarding kennel for over 2 years. After the kennel owner got legal ownership, Brindle and her son were handed over to Coastal Pet Rescue for foster care. After numerous applications on this sweet girl, she was adopted by a Savannah woman.


Update May 12 2004
Brindle (Brenda) She is doing just fine. She has made a lovely addition to the household. We changed her name to "Brenda" because, to me, brindle is a marking, not a proper name! She seems to be happy and has started to be playful - her favorite toy is a little stuffed pig. She doesn't play much - but at least she is learning how. She still has jealousy issues re: affection and food - but all in all her manners have gotten much better. Thanks. -- Jen

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