Change starts with you. Become a Coastal Pet Rescue volunteer today. Discarded doesn't have to be a death sentence. Adopt a pet from Coastal Pet Rescue today. Keep us healthy and fed. Make a donation to Coastal Pet Rescue today.

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Mar 6 2015: Coastal Pet Rescue Honors Volunteers

Coastal Pet Rescue honored its foster parent and special support volunteers for their work in 2014 Tuesday night with a dinner at The Lady and Sons. Columnist and author Polly Powers Stramm presented the keynote address. Read Story

Jan 15 2014: New Dog in the House - Tips and Rules for Welcoming an Adopted Adult Dog into Your Home

New dogs come to us in many ways. Sometimes we have the luxury of preparation, sometimes they literally show up on our doorstep. Here are ways you can prepare your home and your family for welcoming your new pet. Read Article

Shuman Needs You

Shuman is just one of 113 canines we've tried to save this year. Our vet funds have been depleted, and we need more to get Shuman all the care he deserves. Make a donation now to help us save him and many more. | More Info...

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