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Coastal Pet Rescue Successful Adoption Story: Henry & Wally

Adopted: January 6, 2004
Rescued: November 21, 2003

Henry and Wally were 2 of 4 kittens pulled by a Coastal Pet Rescue volunteer from Chatham County Animal Control. All 4 were very sick, and there was even a concern that both Henry and Wally might lose one of their eyes. Regardless, the volunteer cared for them night and day, never giving up. Her results paid off when great homes were found for all four.


Update August 18 2004
Henry & Wally Henry and Wally came to us as the pair. We had only intended to adopt one, but when we saw them both, it was never a question. They were born very sick and there was always the concern of their health upon adoption. So much time and money had already been invested on Coastal Pet Rescue�s behalf, it left the question as to whether or not we could continue to care for them as well as they did. Coastal Pet Rescue did such an excellent job in nursing them back to health, that the cost to us was nominal. But again, after holding them and playing with them, we agreed we�d go broke making sure their health was in top condition. Almost 9 months later, they are as healthy and vigorous as any kitten their age could be. They are a blessing and there�s not a day that goes by that we don�t love them more. Having no children, we feel as close to parents as any pet owner could experience. Coastal Pet Rescue has maintained a relationship with us throughout by always checking in on their health and adjustment to their new home. From equipping us with a new pet care package upon adoption to the genuine interest for pictures and stories, we couldn�t have chosen a better organization. We will continue to donate our time and money to Coastal Pet Rescue as it is our hope that they will bring as much joy to other people as they did for us. -- Julianna

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