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Coastal Pet Rescue Successful Adoption Story: Molly (Brandy)

Adopted: December 13, 2004
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Update August 9 2006

We adopted Molly in December of 2004. She had been rescued somewhere in Bryan County by a very nice older couple that could not handle another dog, but they loved her personality and knew that they needed to save her. We found "Brandy" as they were calling her on Coastal Pet Rescue's website. We set up an appointment to go see her and fell in love immediately. We thought that we would keep her inside at night and then outside during the day - well that did not happen. She is now SPOILED ROTTEN. She is our child! We never knew that we could love a canine the way that we love Molly. She has play dates and goes to day care when we have to work long hours, etc. We tell her that she is the most loved dog in the world! We think that she believes this! She is so sweet with children, other dogs, and everyone else she comes in contact with. They told us she was a sweet dog, and she really is. They told us that she has lots of energy! And that is the truth too! She keeps us busy, but we would not have it any other way. If we ever get another dog, we will rescue one! It has been a wonderful experience! - Rachel

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