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Coastal Pet Rescue Successful Adoption Story: Sadie

Adopted: June 4, 2004
Rescued: May 1, 2004

Sadie was one of six puppies found in a dumpster in Long County. After hearing their story from a message board, Coastal Pet Rescue contacted the foster family to help place the puppies, learning that two had already been placed. Sadie found a wonderful home here while the other 3 of her siblings found homes in New York.

Update October 11 2004
Sadie After about a year of my fiancé begging to get a dog, I finally lamented after seeing four beautiful puppies on the Coastal Pet Rescue website. When we got to the foster home, the two females of the litter were running around the yard as puppies will do, amazingly looking even cuter in person. When it came time to make the agonizing decision to choose just one, the decision was clear; we wanted Sadie, the shyest one in the bunch. We brought her home and she was incredibly skittish for a few weeks. But she soon grew out of that and is now a wonderful, playful, spoiled puppy. She loves sleeping at the foot of the bed, playing with her toys, ice, sitting on the porch, and playing with our neighbor’s cocker spaniel. The only reason I am glad I waited so long to give in is because the waiting allowed us to get the perfect addition to our family. Now, I can’t imagine what we did before she came along. Coastal Pet Rescue was wonderful, starting us off with a ton a food and medication. We can’t thank you enough!

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