Martha Jones

Martha Jones: Female Long Haired Weimaraner

Rescued July 30, 2014
Approximate age: Approx. 8 months
Activity Level: High
Adult Size: Large (50 to 75 pounds)
Good with: Dogs Kids

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Martha Jones was found abandoned in an apartment and brought into her foster home. She is a Long Haired Weimaraner puppy who is very affectionate and equally energetic.

Some of Martha’s favorite things are being outside with lots of room to run, playing with her toys and chewing, so please make sure she has lots of toys to keep her busy. She loves to be outdoors and plays with her foster mom dog. When the neighbor dogs are out she likes to talk to them, too. She is used to cats, but would do better in a home without one. Martha Jones also likes children, but sometimes forgets how big she is, so bigger kids are a better fit. Like most Weimaraners, she loves to dig and play chase.

She is a little shy with visitors at first but given a few minutes, will warm up to almost everyone. Men take a little longer than women. She does not like being alone or in a kennel. She is also very curious about things on any counter top and will pull them down for further investigation.

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Martha Jones