Coastal Pet Rescue Internship Programs

High school juniors, seniors and college students are invited to participate in Coastal Pet Rescue's internship program.

Program Goals
The goals of the Coastal Pet Rescue internship program are:

  • To aid students in choosing a career path.
  • To develop leadership skills.
  • To learn how to better serve homeless animals in their community.

Each student must submit a cover letter stating their reasons for pursuing the internship and what they hope to learn through their participation. Each essay should include three goals to have achieved at the completion of their internship. Additionally, interns under 18 years of age must have a parent sign a release waiver for their participation. Students must also submit one letter of recommendation from a teacher or professor. Applications are to be emailed directly to

Time Commitment
The program coordinator will work with each student to match their program to the required academic time frame. Students will track their time to be initialed by their internship supervisor.

A syllabus will be constructed for each internship based upon the requested goals and in alignment with any academic requirements.

During the internship, students will be introduced to various topics related to running an animal rescue, including: shelter medicine, animal behavior and training, humane education, adoption counseling, animal cruelty, pet first aid and CPR, compassion fatigue, public relations and marketing, and strategic planning. The syllabus may be modified to incorporate topics of interest to the student or as seen fit by the internship coordinator.

Level of Commitment
Each student accepted to Coastal Pet Rescue's internship program must be committed to its successful completion. Students commit to arrive on time for all appointments, complete all assignments per the syllabus, and be diligent in their efforts. College interns who are successfully and actively participating may be invited to attend regional or national conferences with the CPR leadership team.

Code of Conduct
All interns are expected to adhere to the same code of conduct as any other volunteers.

  • No smoking, drugs or alcohol are allowed at any time. Conversations about use/abuse of these items are inappropriate.
  • Polite, respectful behavior towards others and their property is expected from all interns.
  • Treat all shelter animals with respect and compassion.
  • Do not bring iPods or CD players to events or meetings.
  • Turn cell phones and pagers to vibrate while you are participating in events. Please restrict personal phone calls during these times as well.
  • Attire is to be appropriate for the activities. If you have questions, please discuss with your internship supervisor in advance.

Letter of Recommendation
Upon successful completion of the internship program, Coastal Pet Rescue will provide a letter of recommendation for the student.

All internships are unpaid. Students participate with the goal of learning experiences.