What Does Coastal Pet Rescue Do?

Pet Rescue

Provide rescue to abused, abandoned, neglected or otherwise homeless pets that are legally surrendered to Coastal Pet Rescue. These receive any necessary veterinary care, including required vaccinations and sterilization, socialization, basic training and temperament evaluation. The pet is then placed for adoption through a pre-adoption process that includes an application, home visit interview with the applicant(s), and veterinarian reference check.

Foster Program

Coastal Pet Rescue’s foster program provides care for animals rescued from local animal controls or surrendered by their owners. Foster parents are responsible for working with the pet to get them ready for adoption, treating them as a member of their family until the pet finds their own. Foster parents provide the housing and love and Coastal Pet Rescue pays for all veterinary expenses and care supplies.

Camp Pawsawhile Retreat Shelter

Thanks to a generous partnership with the Animal House at Live Oak Kennels and the Animal Hospital at Rice Hope, Coastal Pet Rescue was leased a former hunting camp in August 2014. The property, dubbed Camp Pawsawhile Retreat, is used to facilitate emergency or late minute rescues of canines and felines from hoarding situations or animal control euthanasia days until a foster home is available.

Humane Education

Provide humane education to the public to make them better pet guardians and help reduce the pet overpopulation. We participate in pet expos where other groups come together for public adoption events. We also do presentations at area schools as we believe educating children early will help them be good pet guardians later. Our volunteers and leadership team members participate in hurricane preparedness and disaster response, and one member is certified through the Red Rover EARS national disaster response training and three members through Chatham Emergency Management Agency’s Chatham Animal Response Team, both of which incorporate FEMA standards.

Life-Changing Partnerships

Coastal Pet Rescue also has a partnership with Safe Shelter of Savannah to provide safe housing for pet victims of domestic violence while their owners receive services through Safe Shelter’s program.

We believe in second chances, not just for animals but also people. CPR works with the Savannah Day Reporting Center to provide supervised community service opportunities for individuals who made a few poor choices but deserve a chance for redemption. Several of these have gone on to become regular volunteers at the shelter.