Adoption Fees

Dogs & Puppies: $150
Cats & Kittens: $40

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Adoption Fee Includes:
Current Shots, Microchip, Deworming, Heartworm test (adult dogs), Felv/FIV test (felines), Spay/Neuter, 30 Days Pet Insurance

Adoption Process

Coastal Pet Rescue does not operate a shelter. All pets are in private foster homes. Meet and greets are scheduled after adoption applications have been received and approved. Adoptions are typically processed 24 hours to 5 days after an application has been received so long as the pet is healthy and has been spayed/neutered.

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Xena, Warrior Princess Mom!

Meet Xena, our warrior princess Great Dane momma that has been on the loose for over a year, finally rescued! | More Info...

Happily Adopted: Breeze!

Adopted: Feb 14, 2012 | Rescued: Dec 30, 2011

We adopted Breez from you 2 years ago. She was so shy at first and she still is a little shy, but she is one of the best dogs ever. She runs to me and my husband every time we walk in the door or when everyone gets up in the morning. Our other dog Pretty loves her and treats her like she has always been here. These are the first dogs we have ever had. They both have brought so much joy to everyone they meet. I can not thank you enough for rescuing her so that she could rescue us. I could not imagine our lives without Breez. Thanks

The Taylors
January 22, 2014

Happily Adopted: Duchess (Chunk)!

Adopted: Jan 13, 2014 | Rescued: Jan 3, 2014

We adopted Duchess (Chunk), almost a month ago. She is doing great. We decided to change her name to reflect the new chapter in her life. She is now known as Cagney, Duchess of Chunk. She loves to sleep in late (9am!), basks in the sun, chases lizards on the porch, plays hard with her Golden Retriever friend Lacy, and performs highly skilled surgery on stuffed animals to extract the squeaker. Oh, and the low energy level she was classified as-not true! It must have been from missing her dad and the Ehrlichia Infection. She is feeling better & has spunk! She gives the sweetest, most gentle nose kisses with her massive head. Thank you, Coastal Pet Rescue for saving such a sweet, gentle, and loving lady.

LeAnn McNeal
February 09, 2014